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Writing log: May 1

Going to start trying to do these weekly.

Last week, I decided to apply to the Jack Jones WOC Writing Retreat. It's not often I apply to such things but I realized that a) I am a Woman of color, b) I'm almost done with this draft of Willow, but I need one more draft to nail down all final details in place. and c) I really, really, like really need a break from the dayjob. So we'll see if it goes through.

Meanwhile, still working on Willow 38. In working on the Writing Retreat application, I had to do a new synopsis for Willow, which was much cleaner. The book is getting to the point where I'm reallly pleased with it. I also realized that I could combine two crucial events into one, which might shorten the chapters I have left (so far it's 9). If I can pull that off, that'll be awesome.

I'm also working on three, yes, three short stories. I don't know how that happened. Two will be at least a 1000 words, and I'm hoping the third will be up to 3000. 

My quarterly book review for Lightspeed is coming up this month. Details on that will be announced May 9.
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Fingers crossed for you!
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I also applied! Like you, I found the application process itself clarified and streamlined my vision for my book (poetry, in my case). Good luck!